Air distributor

The air distributor is made of heat-resistant steel, and is composed of three parts (photos below). All the parts are stamped, so all the dimensions, tilt angles, the distance between the wavelet and the holes are identical.
The average air distributor lifespan is 4-5 years, depending on the power settings. Some users reportedly replaced the air distributor only after 7- 8 years.
There are consumers who bought air distributor by advertisements on the Internet or open markets, because, according to the vendor, they are of "Economas" production. It is a lie, because original air distributors can only be purchased from us directly. As a rule, the product which was purchased at the market or online breaks after burning for 2-3 months, or one heating season at best. We get calls from such customers, complaining and asking why did it burn so fast?
That is why we responsibly declare that original quality spare parts for boiler "Economas" can only be purchased directly from us.

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